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Kabinett – “Blueberry Lips” April 25, 2022 by Ben McCoy A vibey track that leaves you wondering if it’s true love or a horrible, horrible crime.

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Sarpa Salpa - Dreaming Sarpa Salpa – “Dreaming” May 10, 2022 by Ben McCoy

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WEZ KING – “M.H” May 14, 2022 by Hans Abila
Cat Ryan - Rex Mundi Cat Ryan – “Rex Mundi” May 10, 2022 by Ben McCoy
Sarpa Salpa - Dreaming Sarpa Salpa – “Dreaming” May 10, 2022 by Ben McCoy
Ola Kvaloy - Fair Weather Ola Kvaløy – “Fair Weather” May 3, 2022 by Ben McCoy
Kabinett – “Blueberry Lips” April 25, 2022 by Ben McCoy
Lushworld - Sold Your Soul Lushworld – “Sold Your Soul” April 13, 2022 by Ben McCoy
Nikolaus Wolf - Brother's Fist Nikolaus Wolf – “Brother’s Fist” March 22, 2022 by Ben McCoy
deafpony - tattoos deafpony – “tattoos” March 21, 2022 by Ben McCoy
Luna Blue - Lou Lou Luna Blue – “Lou Lou” March 16, 2022 by Ben McCoy

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A song about looking at the journey you've gone through, the paths you've taken in life, it's full of encouragement telling you that your life is going somewhere, that you're still in the center of it all somehow.
"Long Shot" by @billingsleyrocks has a pretty simple premise: it's a song about nutting up and getting the courage to make your move. Stylized as a sort of a love letter that tells of the narrator's desire to be with someone even it's a long shot.
"Rex Mundi" by @catryanband starts with running—the greyhound runs from the world while still feeling like the king of the world. Eventually, it takes a break and asks itself, "why did I keep running when the problem ain't me?"
It's virtually a trope that being a working musician is hard. @sarpasalpamusic shine a light on their struggles in their latest track, "Dreaming".
"New Tanuki Suit" is @enemyairshipmusic's latest release which is also set to be a part of an upcoming album set to release this year. It's about dealing with panic attacks and anxiety in general, by just wanting to blend into the environment.
In our everyday life, birdwatching may be one of the least significant analogies we can make with our own selves, but @seagrapesfl's latest song will change that completely.
Like the composition's history, "Smile" by @lodetmusic isn't all fun and games.
"Trust Me" by @altafalls is not just a groovy, synthy song. It's an experience.
"Change" is a collaboration between songwriter/producer @andrewcarylmusic and singer @okafuwa that reminds the listener that you're not alone. That you have someone who's there for you during the good and bad times.


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Sarpa Salpa – “Dreaming”

Kabinett – “Blueberry Lips”

Luna Blue – “Lou Lou”

An Echoic – “Bad Weather”

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