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pretty havoc - GEMINI pretty havoc. – “GEMINI” August 22, 2021 by Ben McCoy
Dani Camancho - Closer Than It Seems Dani Camacho – “Closer Than It Seems” March 31, 2021 by Ben McCoy
Martti Franca – “Lucky” September 17, 2020 by Derek Tate
Merry Christmas – “Forest of Bones” August 5, 2020 by Derek Tate
Fifteen Minutes Later – “Dim Light” June 10, 2020 by Sam Corrazza

UNXIGNED Highlights

@shaylarmcdaniel shows us how to take care of ourselves with "Alright", a bright, uplifting reminder to keep yourself feeling good inside and out.
"I wonder why I've always looked up to the sky," @tarotsings opens, setting the stage for an out-of-this-world experience. With organ pops shifting percussive energies, they build a soundscape that’s both cosmic and intimate.
"Reminded me of old days when my friends all liked to party," @husbandsokc quietly state. Their dense vocal chords resonate with reverb, simultaneously surrounded by friends and yet alone in an emptiness. The atmospheric bed of sound they build each word over is a laid-back lament.
"Men can lie and nations fall," Onyi Moss (@mossonyi) proclaims in her second single, "Miracle Man". From the global perspective to your personal life, finding a "miracle man" promising the world with no way to deliver is easy to do.
Everyone's their own special flavor of idiot. But that's not a bad thing. @mr.scoobert_doobert's latest single, "I'm an Idiot", dives headlong into this self-aware extensional statement.
The start-and-stop harmony beautifully mirrors the money in/money out mentality of the whole song. The warbly synth bouncing into each bar, punctuating the honest lyrics, brings the message into even into the spaces between the lyrics.
Sometimes, no matter how much you want to, you just can't see eye to eye with your partner. It's that moment where you realize you're not on the same page anymore. Frustration breeds.
@gabydespain's jazzy lament of the dating scene in your 20s blends the sultry glam of the late '50s and early '60s with a modern dark pop sound. There's a melancholy tinge to the catchy licks and lyrics. "Maybe tonight this will feel right."
At the heart of this song are the contradictions in life. Life is "big, beautiful, scary, funny, weird, dark, lonely, loving, forgivable, and unforgettable," Alexander Beggins (aka @cocozandi) says about "Aloha". The song leaves the takeaway up to the listener, presenting a view of life open to interpretation.


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