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Everyone's asked, "am I really good enough?" at some point in time. @iamisabeldumaa did when she left her computer at home and handwrote part of an essay in cursive.
@seandavidchristensen tells a story differently with the instrumental version of "I Miss The Old You".
@ciaolucifer's new single, "So Good It Hurts", will make you just want to dance it out even at times when you struggle to believe in yourself. Maybe you might just realize your self-worth while vibing out to this jam from the Dutch duo.
Thanks to the last couple years, we all know the monotony lockdown can induce. Adam RC channels that repetition and explores how numbness became a coping mechanism to get through it in his latest track, "Novocaine".
Is helping yourself by helping others still altruistic? That moral conundrum rests at the heart of @lizjonesmusic's latest single, "Bounty". As she wrestles with personally profiting, we're taken along for this rocking debating.
dipper (@dylpatroy) dabbles and experiments with the extent of musical storytelling with his latest single, "wolf song". It's a ballad that is both easy on the ears and truly sincere.
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You don't have to be afraid of loneliness anymore, instead just vibe out being solitary. You might just find your true value while listening to "In the Woods" by @bastienkeb.
Singer-songwriter @mikeedel shows us his journey on how his life changed in a single instance through his recently released single "domino". The experiences shared in the song might just be what you need to gain a bit of courage to act upon your troubles and serve as the push that you needed to move forward.


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