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"Flesh & Bone", fresh off of Yum Yuck's debut album Orange Sunshine, gracefully mixes a sound bath of reverb-drenched electric guitars, synth, and bass that soothes listeners into a charming lullaby.

Multi-instrumentalist Pascal Righini did a great job writing a classic bob that both pulls and pacifies senses through its verse and chorus. The drums sit subtle and sturdy in the back of the mix, creating the backbone of this sweet tune that bursts within the soundscape around 40 seconds in.

The song speaks honestly about the human experience, the undeniable truth of our mass, matter, and mortality. "We are flesh and bone"β€”speaks truth to that which one is… "We're nothing more, so treat me like flesh and bone"β€”be real.

Through this almost utilitarian or existential image cast on the human existence the singer calls to a love. "Hold me in your loving arms/ So I'm braced for the winter/ Teach me what I need to know/ So I can spot the summer on the horizon," Righini sings softly atop the dreamy sonic space.

The two lines juxtapose the indifference of materiality, our "flesh and bone" and… love.

Stream the whole LP below.

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