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In this moment where the world reflects on what our every day is and should be, Wings of Desire were inspired to create "Chance of Lifetime". The track, which opens their debut EP End of an Age, serves as their statement of intent that our yearnings can be realized.

By taking a snapshot of the world in flux and pounding the mantra of "it's the chance of a lifetime" across the chorus, the uplifting track buoys any negativity and turns it into resolve.

The music video depicts two lovers, at first missing their moment. Exploring their similarities and missed opportunities, the driving guitars and pop-like drum fills emphasize the potential. But with all the positive vibes from the vocals and guitar, of course, there's a reversal of fortunes and the star-crossed lovers get a second chance.

It's in those final seconds where the track goes from being a catchy, feel-good tune to an acoustical statement. The light tinkling of the bell-like keys and the extreme panning disorient while raising listeners' anxietyโ€”this is our chance of a lifetime. The mantra has realized our moment, and now it's up to us to take that chance.

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Watch "Chance of a Lifetime" and stream the rest of the EP below.


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