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Windser - Peach Fuzz

With hopeful and happy "oohs," Windser's Jordan Topf gently builds a dreamy bed of young love and desire from the first beats of their third single, "Peach Fuzz".

Built from the memories of growing up in Santa Cruz, the psychedelic music of his youth, and the teenage crushes that linger with them today, Windser feels simultaneously nostalgic and immediate. The chorus of sweet teenage sentiments, "I want to warm you like the sun does/ Stick to your body like peach fuzz," balances the innocence of youth with the awakening of sexuality. And heartfelt verses with lines like "time was all we had, but summer's never over," firmly set us in the past.

Despite how tightly cohesive "Peach Fuzz" is, the whole song came together in under two hours with the help of Windser's friends G. Smith and Chris McKenna over Zoom. It's a testament to how universal and influential these memories are.

Each encapsulated moment feels bright. The sampled "oohs" pop like light-filled bubbles, a tender falsetto emphatically conveys love, and even deeper lyrics like "I try to memorize what you were dreaming of" are built on a floating harmony that lifts it up. The warm harmonic kaleidoscope Windser presents is filled with the top-of-mind memories that would leave a smile on anyone.

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Stream "Peach Fuzz" below.

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