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No one has the right to invalidate the feelings of another. So many people are hiding it, and so many have already been lost to it, simply because they were too scared of being outcasted by society. That's why we need reminders, even subtle ones, to speak out about the state of our mental health because no one else can do it but us ourselves.

WEZ KING's "M.H" is definitely one of these reminders that we absolutely need during these trying times. In a world where everyone is free to talk about things, yet so rarely respected for voicing their thoughts, a song like this is very timely.

"M.H", which stands for mental health, nods toward punk rock with a tasty indie charm that works in its favor. To put it simply: it isn't too light, but it isn't too heavy. Perfect for a subject matter so prevalent during the present.

Not only is it a good song overall, but it's actually for a cause. 100-percent of its proceeds, yes, all of it, is going to be donated to the Mental Health Foundation, which focuses on helping those with mental health issues and advocates self-mental care.

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If you want to listen to it because it's good, or if you want to have it on repeat to donate to a cause, there's always a win to be found in WEZ KING's latest single.

Stream "M.H" below.

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