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There are times when you think that it doesn’t seem like your life is going anywhere. That everything you do doesn’t result in anything significant. That maybe it really isn’t a sum of all its parts. You’re not the main character, so all of it’s ending up in nothing.

But the truth is, even the smallest things have had a big impact on your life. Whoever you are today, won’t be there without them.

Starting off with isolated blissful harmonies and taking you on a trip down memory lane, Wake the Sun‘s latest release, “King of the Road”, gives nostalgia and beauty within its soundscape.

A song about looking at the journey you’ve gone through, the paths you’ve taken in life, it’s full of encouragement telling you that your life is going somewhere, that you’re still in the center of it all somehow.

Its primarily folk elements are already wonderful and fitting enough, but its nostalgic feeling comes from the slight country vibe stemming from the vocals and use of guitar. The lyrics not only address the highs, but a lot of it really hinges on the low points in life, which adds realism and provokes sympathy from the listeners.

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Overall, it isn’t just emotional, but in a way it also becomes personal to those enjoying it. It truly makes you feel like you’re the “King of the Road”.

Watch the music video below.

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