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We aren't superheroes. We can't solve every problem in the world by butting our heads towards it and fighting non-stop. Sometimes, you have to learn to take a step back, observe everything that's happening, and choose your battles. You can't win every time, nor should you fight every time. If you force it, then you're just setting yourself up for failure.

Trey Hughes & The Daydreamers latest single, "Don't Feed the Fears", is the perfect love letter for that person in your life who just wants to keep fighting, even when it isn't anymore an option. It was written by Trey for his fiancΓ© who tends to overthink, and it's safe to say that it probably did its purpose.

It's light and airy, full of beats and dreamy vocals reverberating throughout the song. Subtle harmonies are put in the chorus, giving the listener a sense of space that wouldn't be possible without this addition. It also makes the song a lot more dramatic and sincere in a way, as if it was your own conscience telling you to stop overthinking.

"Don't Feed the Fears" definitely deserves a spot in your playlist. Not only does it have a good meaning behind it, and an even better intention regarding its creation, but it's just an amazing song all around. So what are you waiting for? Give it a listen.

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Stream the song below.

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