Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Sometimes, there’s nothing like staying in with someone you love. Trinelise Væring and Fredrik Lunden lead the ten-piece Tone of Voice Orchestra as they unabashedly explore just that in “Lovey-Doveyin’”.

With a pizzicato violin setting the stage for the light and fun tone, the whole band piles out of a groovy Volkswagen van. They chill by the vehicle singing, performing, and even playing chess. “There’s no chance we’ll hit the road,” several sing together. Their warm vocal harmony makes you want to settle down for a minute with them.

There’s something quirky in the jovial timbre Tone of Voice Orchestra strikes. A hurdy-gurdy fills the harmony while choral techniques scatter about bordering on a classical structure. But all of it sounds undeniably indie folk throughout.

Even the lyrics play with expectations. Instead of saccharin lines, Tone of Voice Orchestra employ witty analogies. “We’ve got a sofa bed. It’s almost like a ship,” begins the simile. But they shift it into a metaphor a little later on with, “we will not abandon it.”

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“Lovey-Doveyin’” is only the third release from their upcoming self-titled album, but its genre-blending and delightfully unique tone set high expectations for the rest of the tracks.

Watch “Lovey-Doveyin’” below.

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