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Have you ever just wanted to break into dance and sing in front of the person you love? You might not even be good at either of those at all, but sometimes you’re just so hyped up by something you saw or listened to. Well, if that’s the case, then this song is for you.

Being his favorite song from his latest EP Almost Ultra, “Sugar Free” is one of Tommy Violet‘s grooviest releases to date. Reminiscent of retro disco while keeping a contemporary aura, the track is what you’ll think of as you make a montage of your favorite moments with that special someone in your mind.

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Violet’s spacey vocals are amazing, fit for the bedroom pop genre that is the song’s niche. Synthesizers and bass lines go with the beat, tickling your brain in such a satisfying way.

Its message is straightforward, but the lyrics are full of serenades that keep it interesting. It’s the time you confessed your feelings, the time you went on your first date; all of the little perfect things that you’ve shared as a couple.

But relationships aren’t always sunshine and rainbows, as most of us may know all too well. There’s the disagreements, the arguments, the times where you feel like the spark is dying. “Sugar Free” doesn’t forget to reference these downtimes with its last line: “and I know it can be so hard to say I love you at times,” saying that no relationship is flawless, but you can still power through that, together.

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Overall, the song is simply wonderful. Be warned though, its one minute and fifty-three-second length may leave you wanting more. Well, you don’t really have to worry, because you can just jump into Tommy Violet’s other songs on his EP, Almost Ultra.

Stream “Sugar Free” below.


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