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Tom Mackell - Maybe Tonight

"Maybe Tonight" follows a lover excited and scared to start something new. Tom Mackell's soft, melodic voice carries the perfect level of hesitancy and reserved hope. "Maybe tonight I can get it right," he begs the empty air, both prayer and psyching up.

In their music video, as the band sets up for their bar gig, Tom wanders down an empty boulevard. His solo journey switches between black and white and the muted colors of sunrise. It reflects the anxiety and optimism of the chorus, paralleling the band exploring what else could happen "maybe tonight."

The band's performance resonates in the mixβ€”an intimate sound with delicate touches sprinkled throughout. Even the electric guitar solo feels grounded in a whiskey dream at a country bar. As the funky guitar drives the song forward, it keeps that balance of personal narrative and Americana everyman tale.

It's a bright and hopeful track anyone who's loved can relate to, but with just enough personal details to make it authentic.

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"So, maybe tonight I can pull myself together." Maybe tonight, you can revel in the tentative hopes this song stirs too.

Watch "Maybe Tonight" below.

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