The Thing With Feathers - Static

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Everyone has some inadequacy they fear they possess. And the most common ones tend to revolve around love. The Thing With Feathers explore that fear of falling short in their latest single, “Static”, the first single off their upcoming EP, Sundays in the South.

“You call me static, whatever that means. You bought me whiskey—we call it clean. And you would have me pull out my teeth so you can be the rebel in your scene.” The whole narrative is built into the first few sentences David Welcsh sings, setting a bar scene. Sean Carroll and Christ Roussell support these less than sober sentences on bass and drums.

But when Alex Hendricks lets loose with the guitar, all four musical lines merge into something greater. There’s something joyously hopeful about pairing the fear of inadequacy with danceable guitars. The infectious hooks, the anthemic vocal moments, the driving beats all set your body in motion.

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Even the bridge practically gallops as we enter the final moments of the song. And while the drunken protagonist of this story might feel lacking, The Thing With Feathers certainly isn’t.

Stream “Static” below.


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