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Thursday, July 18, 2024

People keep saying that you should "take that leap of faith," as if having that faith in the first place is as easy as they make it out as. Let's face it, we've all messed up in life. And sometimes, this makes us unable to keep going and to do what we want and need to do: move on. But maybe we just have to focus on the other aspects of our lives. Think about the times we rode down the streets at full speed, with red lights and headlights zipping right past us.

Emerging Boston-based band The Q-Tip Bandits dwell on these fears that keep us at bay with their latest single, "Chasing Cars". First conceived in the backseat of a car, the song draws from the experiences of those around vocalist Claire Davis, specifically from an extended family member's tying of the knot and two friends who are still a bit too hesitant to have their relationship level up.

The instrumental just flows so well, from the horns and drums to the sounds of cheering in the background that elevates the song. Its breakdowns, especially during the bridge are amazing to listen to. Not to mention the vocals, which are smooth and melodious, but not overwhelming and too extra with delivery. Harmonies are riddled all over though, giving more body to them.

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Overall, the song really feels as if you were on a two-wheeled road to nowhere, just vibing along to the racing of your heart and the appearance and vanishing of cars' headlights all around you. Truly, an ode to those who should stop fearing, and start living.

Stream "Chasing Cars" by The Q-Tip Bandits Below.

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