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THE MOORS - Suitcase

With heavy delay and a repetitive guitar hook, The Moors (often stylized in all caps) open “Suitcase”, the first single from their upcoming self-titled EP. By the time the first lyric, “It’s all the same,” floats in, a theme of nostalgia and lost time is already established.

And in the music video, the handheld nightscape of New York’s Chinatown and Brooklyn’s subways double-exposed over each other further pushes the idea of slipping time. As one scene dissolves into another, it feels like the night races forward, leaving you behind.

Mubashir Mohi-ud Din (“Din”) plays up this slippage wherever he can. As the lead singer, rhythm guitarist, and songwriter, he’s left plenty of opportunity—soft entrances on lyrics, delicate synth notes, and more dot the music. Even the “harsh” lines, like “Lost man child,” feel like gentle ribbing. After all, Din is singing about a friend leaving “over the ocean.”

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Guitarist, producer, and “consigliere,” JP Bowersock keeps it from going saccharin by shredding a guitar solo at 2:10. There’s pride and power built into the final minute of “Suitcase”. There are “no sad goodbyes” here.

Watch “Suitcase” below.

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