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The Florets - Quiet Life

The Florets have a deep-seated desire for new horizons. They've spent the last few years writing and preparing for this jump with their forthcoming debut album, Permanent Glow, out on October 1st, and this latest single, "Quiet Life", that also yearns for change.

There's a peaceful tension built into this latest single. With over 30 seconds of instrumental intro, it's almost relaxing. The growing tension for the first line mounts, edging listeners into the same anxious state as the band.

Even after the lyrics fill that gap, the echoing chords emphasize the distance between each harmonic movement. As it builds, instrumental layer after denser lyric, it still pushes you to want more. "I feel like a ball of wire," The Florets admit. A beautiful metaphor for this carefully crafted feeling they project in "Quiet Life".

As the song begins to wrap up, the energy ramps up, itching for that final change. A high-pitched warble rings over everything, driving towards a resolution. When all but that tone fades, we're with The Florets, ready for that transition.

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Stream "Quiet Life" below.

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