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The Day Dreamers - Set Me On Fire

The world's getting warmer. With a simple sentence, fears and anxieties about the future flood the minds of The Day Dreamers. "Set Me On Fire" explores the impotent anger so many of us feel at the imminent reality of global warming.

But with Ali Kouri, Tiana Grandilli, and Stephanie Maier's soothing vocal harmonies, the pain is painted in brilliant detail. Despite the hopelessness, there's a calming sense that we're not in this alone.

Cederic de Saint-Rome's reserved drumming and Lou Raskin's subdued bass gentle settle the nerves, allowing the trio to dip into vibrant and often terrifying metaphors.

"We're drifting into the water," they sing, a terrifying reminder of coastlines sinking cities. "Set me on fire," they then command. It is both a literal reference to rising temperature but also a clarion call to spark action.

Every beat blasts the message with a driving rhythm that never overpowers the melodies. Even when the mournful violin solos during the bridge, there's a hint of solaceβ€”all five band members are united, and so can we. Maybe there's power in our collective rage after all.

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Stream "Set Me On Fire" below.

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