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The Blue Herons - Electric

"Do you believe in a world beyond?" the ethereal voice from The Blue Herons asks in their latest release, "Electric". The bright, jangle-pop tune lifts the heaviness of the world from the moment.

Right from the beginning, Gretchen DeVault's shimmering voice floats in over a light popcorn drum lead-in. "One, two, three, four, five, six. I feel the empty lift and magic begins." As Andy Jossi's harmony fills up the sonic space, an otherworldly atmosphere develops.

The glistening guitars and vocal timbre flirt with the chemistry of young love in every beat. From bright, staccato vocal lines brimming with energy to languid, seductive held syllables over rapid-fire percussion, the push-and-pull of desire pulls you in.

"Electric" is the duo's fourth single in only eight months. With two more releases planned for this year and a full-length album slated for 2022, the euphoric sound of The Blue Herons is just heating up.

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If the unfettered vocal flights and gossamer musical texture in "Electric" carry through the rest of their upcoming projects, the future looks bright and rosy for the indie scene heavyweights.

Stream "Electric" below.

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