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Unexpected soundscapes and a congregation of groove, funk, pop, and electronic inspirations come together to give us "Fashion Icon Margaret Willden". Tampico Lasting Love, aka Robert Willes, impressively brewed an array of musical worlds in this expressive bop that folds in and out of the etchings of contemporary quirk.

Bellowing choruses sing "You will never know" in a tonal structure that resonates with electronic pop music influenced by a diversity of genres and sounds found not only in the US but also Bollywood, North Africa, and beyond. Tampico Lasting Love wrote this track after watching the Netflix show Next in Fashion, and like the mental vacation reality TV gives us, it doesn't skip a beat when it comes to making you move and forget that we are in a pandemic.

It calls on the bounce of a bari sax to carry and flesh out the rest of the instrumentation that builds and swells throughout the arc of this symphony. Unlike other pop songs, this one takes risks with quirky textures to excite and invite a touch of novelty.

It's such a trip, isn't it?

Watch "Fashion Icon Margaret Willden" below.

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