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Love is one of life's greatest mysteries. It can feel amazing, but it can also bring about the greatest pain anyone could ever go through. The worst part of it all is having no other choice but to face it.

On the bright side: you won't have to sulk in silence, because Hunter Sweeney's latest single, "You're Not In Love", is here to help you out. Known by his mononym Sweeney, the artist releases his new song as a helping hand for people who realized that the person they love doesn't love them back.

The track's an assorted culmination of different genres, prominently showing its indie and electro-pop roots, yet sometimes feeling like a pop punk ballad thanks to Sweeney's vocals during each chorus. This may be part of his quest to find a sound that can function as his niche. The artist's singing has great range, possessing the potential to bring both chill and exciting vibes.

The lyrics tell a story of someone's journey in coping with their heartbreak, which left them doubting if taking down their walls and showing their vulnerable side to that special person was a good idea. Starting off somberly and slowly, the verse subverts expectations and picks the tempo up, with Sweeney singing of what it's like without "them" around.

With the song's bridge arrives a new variable to the narrative, in the form of the artist's love interest finding someone new suspiciously quickly. This carries over to the outro, where the narrator simply hopes that they at least live with his memory in their mind, despite not being the type of person that they would want to love. What this revelation does is change the thought of that person falling out of love, into a more dreadful thought: what if they never loved you at all?

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Well, that's up for the listener to think about, so why not ponder it over while listening to Sweeney's banging new single?

Stream "You're Not In Love" below.

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