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Supertentacles - Older

Sean Anderson sat on a plane and ordered a beer. The flight attendant said he looked 15 and that birthed "Older", the second single from Supertentacles' upcoming sophomore album King of Nothing.

While "Older" started as a struggle with babyface, it quickly morphed into a summery "f*ck you" to the generations of politicians who've ruined our world. Even the long instrumental opening sounds like someone patiently waiting for their turn to speak. And with crystal clear lyrics, Anderson is ready to speak his mind.

"You had your chance and now it's up," he chastises. Backed by a steadily bouncing beat and fun guitar riffs, it's confident and assertive. "We might look young, but I promise we know what the fuck is going on." A direct attack on the falsity behind fake news.

As the song approaches its conclusion, it suddenly comes apart at the seams, tumbling into half-time. As the melody stretches to the final bars, there's a sense of buckling down to start the slow fight to fix the world. So gird your loin and join the slog with this beautifully crafted anthem.

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Stream "Older" below.

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