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Everyone's familiar with the intoxicating, fuzzy feeling of having your first love; thinking about the future and how you and your partner will spend it together. However, almost everyone also knows the pain of losing them and realizing that it just wasn't meant to last forever.

"Internet Dad" Stephen Babcock's newest single, titled "Still Think of You", is a take on how moving on from someone so impactful on one's life isn't really all it's cracked up to be. The sense of finding answers as to why your significant other left and accepting that you'll end up missing them instead of kissing them is probably the most heartbreaking part of it.

The artist reminisces his time with this special person throughout the song, these memories being his only refuge as he can only sit and watch the one he loves find their own way. The very first lines, where Babcock sings of being the "one" for his significant other and making no fuss when they left is a testament to how painful this song can be, despite being disguised with an upbeat tune.

The track starts off acoustically with the strums of a guitar, easing the listener into it before opening itself up more. This can also be heard with Babcock's vocals, which rise in intensity with each verse and chorus through the addition of simple but beautiful harmonies that elevate the song greatly. All of these elements turn the song into a certified bop, perfect for grooving around or for sing-alongs during road trips.

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Nevertheless, at the end of the day you just got to move on by admitting to that certain someone that "sometimes I still think of you."

Stream the track below.

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