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Hey, there's nothing wrong with a bit of platonic love. Not everything has to be romantic, you can just sit down with each other and listen to them rant for hours on end. Wait, you're catching some feelings for them? No way. Who would've thought, eh? But we'll ask you one thing: What's more worth it, risking your friendship because you fell for them or having them stay by your side and maybe have the chance to move on and accept that you're just friends? Well, if you're kind of up in the air about it, then this song goes out to you.

Up-and-coming indie artist sorebae will blow your socks off and maybe break your heart with his latest single, "half cut". If it wasn't obvious enough, the song is a bittersweet ode on platonic love. And you don't have to relate to it to enjoy it. Though, relating to it is both a plus and actually quite sad. We're sorry to hear that.

It's warm and fuzzy in all the right places. Rock undertones provide an accent in the song but it doesn't really feel like it, thanks to the really nice beat and basslines. sorebae's writing is nothing to scoff at either, when he said that the song is bittersweet, you best bet that it is.

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So, stop sitting around there contemplating if you want to listen to it. Let us spoil you: you're gonna love it. Just don't blame us if you start to feel some weird emotions after, that isn't really part of the deal.

Stream "half cut" below.

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