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Sons of Leaves - "Mother."

With a quick, rising swell, Sons of Leaves start "Mother." Brothers Kjell and Leif wrote, performed, and recorded the piece themselves, telling the story every step of the way.

This nostalgic narrative about their mother both now and looking back in time fits neatly into their deep-rooted desire to tell stories, process life, and speak about the things that matter most.

From the first verse in "Mother.", the brothers build a vocal melody that descends stepwise down the scale. Their highly staccato singing, almost clipped before the end of each beat, illustrates a stuttering fall.

It's a progression with resistance. Lines like "stuck in the past" and "my love is drifting apart" reinforce this notion of haltering progress.

"Mother." is as much about reflection as it is growth. "You are my mother. Do you see what we've become?" they quietly ask. A request for approval while trying to move beyond its need.

Remembering and projecting, like thoughts bubbling up and vanishing, the piano pops along with harmonic ideas. They sparkle in this heady space. And as the song reaches its conclusion, the piano fades off alone. The final cadence, a promise of closure with only an implied resolution, rings into the quiet.

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