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Don't you guys just love it when it's that time of the year again? No, we aren't talking about Christmas, that isn't coming around for at least another six months. We're talking about the season where Persephone comes out from the depths of the underworld, free from Hades, and back to us: springtime. If you didn't get that reference, don't worry because that'll be the first and last for this one.

soFIA Lainovic's brand new single, "Spring", is out, and if you're in a relationship, then you're really gonna like this one. If you aren't, tough luck, but hey, it's still a pretty good song to listen to, so don't click out just yet.

The track's instrumental overall sounds like a serenade one would sing while they court their significant other, and we really like how this also carries over to the lyrics. The motif of love is of course prominently featured, but there is definitely no shortage of imagery to go along with it. It's like watching an early '00s romance movie, and who doesn't adore those?

Lainovic's vocals are soft and gentle, turning the song from a serenade into something more akin to a lullaby at times, especially when the strings in the background slow down toward the end. It just all comes together well and shows you that you can always know what springtime looks like, but this song will make you hear what it should sound like.

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Stream "Spring" below.

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