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Picture this: your heart just got broken, horribly. You've probably sulked in your bed for a good while, maybe a few weeks to a month. Then, you realize that you're fine and that you've moved on already. So what do you do? Well naturally, you put yourself out there again and find a new relationship! Yeah, bad idea.

"Danger", the newest single by four-piece Indianapolis-based band Small Words, is a song telling you that looking for new love so soon may not be in your best interests. Not only is it an indie bedroom pop-tinged number, but it also shows the band's rock-influenced roots, which really works in its favor.

A theme in the song that can be heard in the lyrics is the comparison of one's new relationship with a car crash where you're left alive despite going through something so horrific. The worst part is that you realize that you kind of want more of it. That your eyes may be remembering sweet, simple love, but your heart is saying otherwise.

"I thought love was in my nature, but it's only in my head," a line in the song's chorus that sums up its message perfectly. The narrator knows that they might not be ready for something intimate, owing to them just not being in a good place mentally at the moment. Fearing that they'll mess up so much that it actually does happen, leading to the relationship just crashing and burning in the end.

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The voice in your head that says that you're ready for a relationship and that you'll be fine may feel encouraging, but maybe taking a step back and thinking about it some more is the best course of action to keep safe and avoid danger.

Stream the song below.

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