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Slark Moan - Crystal Ball

COVID crushed the hopes, dreams, plans, and sense of control many of us clung to. That's true of Mark Sloan, Jr., the multi-instrumentalist talent behind the solo project Slark Moan. The pandemic canceled a massive tour right as he started getting major coverage from outlets like American Songwriter Magazine and NPR affiliate KCRW.

But instead of dwelling in that darkness, Sloan turned that frustration into "Crystal Ball", a search for acceptance of an unpredictable future and peace for paths not taken. His intimate vocals reach out like a friend's hand pulling you out of a dark place.

The gentle '60s/'70s sound opens up a caring space for the '90s/'00s indie attitude. "I think we need another plan," he offers. The dark humor diffuses the heaviness of reality. "I thought I'd have this figured out by now," he admits. And we all nod along, reflecting on our own 2020.

This examination of the catastrophe on a micro-level illustrates the balance of chaos and control we all live with. The guitar-driven track guides us through the tumult. As the song professes, you can't predict the future; but with this third single from his quarantine album, Four Horses, his comeback's pretty assured.

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Stream "Crystal Ball" below.

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