Wednesday, September 27, 2023
SLANT - Eat The Moon

“Give me a little peace of mind,” SLANT cry in “Eat the Moon”, their latest single. It’s a desperate plea in the fizzy harmony of their youthful crusade against discontent and loneliness.

Katy Smith and Frankie Stanley front the dystopian symphony, delivering metaphorical lines like, “I think they’re all machines. They live within my dreams.” They strike our memories where we also have retreated into their own minds.

Jamie Broughton pulls a melodic punk guitar line through the piece, tying Aurora Bennett’s bubbly drums and James Virtue’s solid bass into the shifting dreamscape their union creates.

It’s eclectic, bouncing from every corner of our minds. As they say, it’s a “world without limits.” The energy hits hard and never leaves, catapulting listeners through scene after scene.

And while the world may beseech loneliness, SLANT’s collective discord feels unifying. The short stint we’re pulled into their mindscape of helicopters, robots, and space travel feels cathartic. So when the end slams to an abrupt close, we’re harshly thrust back into the reality we had desperately sought to escape. So throw “Eat the Moon” back on, and this time on repeat, and escape once again.

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Stream “Eat the Moon” below.

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