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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Time is always a fickle topic to talk about. Some want it to flow faster, while some want it to flow slower. Really, it just depends on the person you're asking. But the thing about time is, it'll never change, no matter how hard you want it to bend to your will. The only thing that changes, is us. So why not say "to hell with it" and live in the moment, look towards the future with a smile?

"Home", Brooklyn-based band Skinny Dippers' newest release, is a love letter to the past we leave behind whenever the time comes. It's about all those decisions back then, big or small, and of course all the people who were with us during the entire time.

Now that it's time for summer, the breezy and easygoing vibe of this song is definitely what we need. Not to mention the fact that its meaning is honestly really significant for a lot of people around the world, what with the global pandemic we had and all. Also, and this isn't an afterthought: the harmonies in this track are so satisfying. Not only does the instrumental go along with it pretty damn well, but it's all around just an amazing thing to listen to.

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So if you're planning to enter a new chapter in your life, then this song is just for you. Trust us, you'll feel much better about closing that chapter when you listen to it.

Stream "Home" by Skinny Dippers below.

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