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Shame Waves, an indie rock act from Oakland, California, has crafted a wonderfully noisey experience with a new song, titled "Interchangeable Men". The track comes from their latest EP, 15 Minutes of Shame, the follow-up to their first full-length album which was released in 2017.

The four-piece consists of musicians Jason Kick and Greg Poneris along with Kick's former bandmate Chris Niles and synth guru Lance Hill who spends his days curating Oakland's Vintage Synthesizer Museum.

On "Interchangeable Men" the band shows off a knack for delightfully lo-fi production. The track opens with a grimey bassline and a chirping synthesizer, setting the scene before spiraling into a disorienting soundscape of barely-controlled aggression. It's filled to the brim with angst and untethered energy, threatening to burst at the seams at any moment and only kept at bay by a tight and consistent drumbeat.

Fun, noisy, and dynamic synth leads hover above the wall of dirty sound while lead singer Kick's voice cuts through the mix like a hot knife. Underneath all that noise, however, are crafty melodies, conscious lyrics, and an infectious groove.

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Wearing their post-punk influences on their sleevesβ€”most notably with a lyrical reference to DEVOβ€”Shame Waves' rough-and-tumble controlled chaos is sure to appeal to indie rock listeners of all eras. Just make sure to strap on your goggles and galoshes before wading through this murky masterpiece.

Stream "Interchangeable Men" below.

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