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"When All of This Is Over" is a tender single coming to us from Shadwick Wilde who, in just one take, recorded the song in his home studio farm outside Louisville, KY.

Thoughtful rhyme schemes outline the ebb and flow of this gentle tune. Swells of string instruments courtesy of Diederik van Wassenaer lift the sonic vibrations of Wilde's composition to build and ascend the song's growth while steady guitar plucks ground it's inner framework.

Listeners may find themselves swaying to this song on a kind spring morning while starting their day or on long drives through picturesque landscapes while seeking a sense of repose.

The singer-songwriter, best known for his stint in Quiet Hollers, has had a long journey in different projects before finding his niche and voice as a solo act.

"When All of This Is Over" offers sentiments of gratitude and hope with its chord progression and lyrics. "How lucky we are to be orbiting this particular star/ from this particular distance/ I'm letting go of resistance on this particular day/ I'm floating away."

Wilde has traversed his musical prowess across the US and Europe and currently resides on a farm in Kentucky.

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Stream the track below.

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