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Birds come in all shapes, sizes, and species. Of course, for most of us, birds are simply birds. One that catches fish in the water is simply that, without us knowing that it could actually be one of two species: an anhinga, or a cormorant. In our everyday life, birdwatching may be one of the least significant analogies we can make with our own selves, but Sea Grapes' latest song will change that completely.

The 10th track on a brand-new self-titled, "anhinga / cormorant" by Luke Janke, known artistically by his bedroom pop project named Sea Grapes, is a story told through a song about not being able to tell the difference between our emotions. The comparison with what one would think while birdwatching is used to poetically express how difficult it is to process things when everything in the world is just going too fast.

Living beings aren't codes that we can break down and understand with tangible things, not even with our own senses. What everyone goes through, what we go through, is much more complex than that. This is a message that hits home with how the whole song is calming yet still emotional.

The instrumental has a sense of anxiousness to it, giving off a vibe of uncertainty with its hesitant strums of guitar and the medium-paced beat of the drums. This contrasts well with Janke's vocals and harmonies, which are more on the calmer, chill side, possessing a hint of melancholy with each line sung.

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This track's poetry ultimately makes you realize that we don't have the answers to what our or others' souls contain. That all we are doing are grasping at straws, looking for a meaning behind everything, a way to differentiate what is inside the complex concept that is human emotion.

Stream "anhinga / cormorant" below.

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