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"Brand New" is the latest single on Sea Glass' upcoming debut EP, Advanced Youth. Every track on this album features a collaboration, showcasing Sea Glass' dynamic range while solidifying their own style.

"Brand New" demonstrates a quirky, yet profound side of Sea Glass. With Misty Boyce and Dripping Honey adding their voices to the track, walking through a love that's complicated and fiery, but ultimately, makes them both feel brand new.

The trippy, kaleidoscopic hands clapping on a yellow background in the music video speak to both the surreal love and the ever-changing harmonic texture. With a sparseness that keeps everything light and bouncy, the three groups sprinkle claps, staccato key attacks, woodblock accents and more across each new revelation.

At every turn, even the song feels aesthetically new.

Even the bassline takes on a counter-melody-like feel, adding a new shade to the marcato drums and vocals. Every element surprises and invites a new interpretation of the vocal line's message. As they state that "the fire of desire is making me drown," is it a complaint or praise?

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Decide for yourselfβ€”then listen again and maybe you'll come to a brand new conclusion.

Watch "Brand New" below.

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