Scoobert Doobert - I'm an Idiot

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Everyone’s their own special flavor of idiot. But that’s not a bad thing. Scoobert Doobert’s latest single, “I’m an Idiot”, dives headlong into this self-aware extensional statement.

The opening lyric, “I thought I knew it all, but I didn’t know that,” sets the stage for a self-deprecating reflection. But instead of dwelling on the negative, Scoobert Doobert flips the narrative and turns the negative affirmation into a positive freedom.

With light musical touches and groove-filled percussion, Scoobert Doobert leads us into a soft bridge. Like a friend pulling you aside to calm you down, he reveals just how in our heads we are. Despite how all of us “dream of stupid things I said,” we grossly over-exaggerate the importance of those moments.

Not only do most people not care if you’re an idiot, many might actually like the antics. He lambasts those who take themselves too seriously. “I’m jealous of the narcissist—shoot their shot and never think they miss.”

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The swelling outro quickly drops out, leaving a stark confession. The final heart-to-heart marries the crux of the lyrics with gentle instrumental melody—a quiet, positive conclusion to this wonderful realization.

Stream “I’m an Idiot” below.


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