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Scamps - Don't You Know

Just three "backyard boys from St. Louis," as they call themselves, Scamps imbue their indie tracks with positive energy and good vibrations, making for some wonderfully toe-tapping singles.

"Don't You Know" builds in the same upbeat grooves like the rest of their eponymous EP. As the first song, it sets the tone exceedingly well.

With lyrics like "there's a tree trunk lodged in my throat" and "promises are only temporary unless specified," the play between vocal lines and fun guitar licks boosts every second.

With slight changes to each guitar response the boys sprinkle "Don't You Know" with tons of surprises to keep you listening over and over again. And the energetic drum fills and echoing reverb keep the tone light even when the vocal lines add weight to specific lines.

By lingering on a single syllable, they balance the gravity of the meaning while building to the faster, more light-hearted resolutions. "I was a rube to find something new," they sing, lingering on "rube" and "new." But, the quick-paced response they describe switches us back to the levity from the opening. So, go "swirling around the rainbow" with them.

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Stream "Don't You Know" and the rest of the EP below.

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