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Sarpa Salpa - Dreaming

It's virtually a trope that being a working musician is hard. Sarpa Salpa shine a light on their struggles in their latest track, "Dreaming".

The raucous energy of the opening perfectly parallels the on-stage energy a roaring crowd would feed any musician. But the opening lyric cuts into that illusion. "Is there something out there for me? Cause I'm losing faith every day now." The gut punch of a line pulls the carpet out from under the façade.

As they mention specific hurdles like being tongue-tied, they also spotlight the people keeping them going like their friends, family, and especially each other. Vocalist Marcus Marooth's bullet-like staccato delivery of some of the verses pushes you back and forth between the extremes of serotonin success and crushing financial worry.

The ominous bridge captures the chaos of these emotional swings beautifully. Starting softly, the energy slowly builds. The lyrics fall on the beat like a forced march towards an unknown conclusion; the musical lines add and build on each other. The cacophony bleeds together into a swirl of energy leading back into the chorus.

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And then suddenly, the last note is struck. It rings out, fading into nothingness. And we're left in the silence hoping for the opening energy again.

Stream "Dreaming" below.

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