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One of the worst feelings a person can get is the feeling of missing the person they love, yearning for the warmth of their hand as you pass crowds upon crowds of people. An even worse feeling, though, is knowing that you'll have to go through those crowds alone.

"I wish you were here with me, as the colors light on Main Street," Sandro Stellar sings in the chorus of his latest single, "Main Street". It's a song about not being with the person you want most in the entire world, leaving it all up to wishful thinking since it's the only thing you can do.

The track itself has a number of upbeat parts, particularly during the intro and chorus, but it lets Stellar's vocals shine through when it needs to during the verses. The vocals are morose, emotional, and painful, putting you in the shoes of the artist as he was writing the song.

Subtle but noticeable harmonies are present all throughout, adding a lot of depth despite not being as prominent as the bass and drums. Adlibs elevate the song's last act, giving it just one more layer of emotion that it needs to hit home with any listener.

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Sandro Stellar's "Main Street" is raw, unbridled yearning. One that you can't fix by owing it to time, but one that you can surely move on from eventually. But for now, you'll have to endure walking through people and colors alone.

Stream the song below.

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