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Thursday, July 18, 2024
Sam Marks - Vagabond

After premiering singles on Australia's National Radio and MTV, Sam Marks presents his fourth single, "Vagabond". An unrestrained musical voyage through the turbulent tale of the chaos and tempestuous relationship with a former lover.

The overwhelming nature of his lover's past and their inability to deal with it was unstainable—until it wasn't. "And all of the sudden, they were gone," Sam Marks says of it.

That fiery vortex comes through in the raw chorus and echo-heavy guitar licks. It creates a half-remembered, larger-than-life feeling to the narrative. The wash of harmony reverberating across the distance speaks of youthful exuberance through the lens of a more mature reflection.

The slight rasp in vocals accentuates the pain. Even the resounding swirl of guitars and pounding percussion feverishly paints the love and misery in the relationship and its unexpected end. It's now turned from that joyous outset to a rather frenzied closure.

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"There's a new girl in town," he opens, channeling energy that cuts across the already blazing momentum. From that moment until the hurricane of overlapping melodies and textures fading out to silence, Sam Marks delivers this tumultuous tale.

Stream "Vagabond" below.

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