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Ever had an idea for something that you just can't fully realize? Your passion and determination for it are there, but the inspiration to push through isn't. The worst part is, you can't really blame yourself; you just want it to be perfect, and that's exactly what's holding you back.

Don't worry. California singer-songwriter Sam Celentano is right with you on that feeling, expressing it in his latest single, "No Song", which is practically about not being able to write a song. Yes, it's pretty ironic, but it's also genius.

Not only does it pull listeners in with its self-contradiction, but it's also about something that is really quite relatable for anyone. If anything, its straightforwardness is what makes it work, which is a breath of fresh air from all those songs that are sometimes a bit too deep for a lot of people's tastes.

The lyrics are simple: it's just the songwriting process. From the moment the artist picks up their instrument, to the writing of the instrumental and words, up until the moment they decide to scrap everything and start over because it's not quite what they want.

Pair this with the jazzy, lively instrumental that is a treat to vibe to, and you have a song that's right for any occasion. Hell, maybe it'll give you the push you need to finally finish that thing you're working on.

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Although it's not afraid to come off as ironic, Sam Celentano's "No Song" is a wonderful track to listen to, may it be for inspiration, or for simple enjoyment.

Stream the song below.

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