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Our aspirations are what we hold dearest to us. May it be to gather renown, to express your art, or to just live happily; dreams are one of the only things that no one can take away from us. But although looking for what's trendy, what's popular, and going for them on this great journey of ours may sound natural, it actually might be the thing that's holding us back from reaching our goals.

Indie duo project Saint Djuni, helmed by two friends Clifford Goilo and Rasmus Viberg, shouts out all of the people who want to forge their own path with their latest single "Drifter". It's a song that's for all of the dreamers out there.

Feel-good instrumentals, vocals, and lyrics are the name of the game here. Get ready to vibe and be inspired by the pair's masterful technique in creating music. From the catchy beats to the even more catchy chorus that's definitely gonna stay in your head for a while after listening to this song, it's light but structured. Fast-paced, but clear. In simpler terms, it's just a really, really, good song.

And, since summer is right around the corner, with the worldwide pandemic which held us back for almost three years finally starting to let up, a track like this is exactly what we need to get us back on our feet. It's exactly what we need, to drift through the ebb and flow of life's river, and find our "own form of perfection."

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Stream "Drifter" below.

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