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Rum Jungle - Crimson Sunset

"You can't have it all," so the saying goes. But Rum Jungle's new single, "Crimson Sunset", says you don't need it. That's doubly true if you're around good people. And with their relaxing new single, it's easy to agree.

"Crimson Sunset" is perfect for a sunny weekend spent cruising with the roof down. You can imagine the hammock suspended between two palm trees, a reddening sunset over the ocean, and a gentle breeze comfortably rocking you. The mood and message make it the obvious choice as the lead single from their new EP, Everything Is Easy.

The shimmering ambiance stretching out beneath the melody of "Crimson Sunset" carries like a coastal breeze. It permeates each bar without making you miss the beauty unfolding around you. From bright guitar slides to choral "oohs," each phrase ripples like the night sky during a heatwave, dots of brilliance bursting through without overwhelming the beauty of the whole.

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The hazy lyrics effortlessly float over the sun-dappled harmony. The chorus directly asks you to be content, "It's enough for me. Is it enough for you?" Just like the whole EP, "Crimson Sunset" promises that there will be good times ahead.

Stream "Crimson Jungle" below.

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