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Yeah, getting kicked down by everything around you is definitely not a happy feeling. And that's because most of the time, if you keep getting knocked down, then eventually you're gonna stop wanting to get back up again and try.

It's easier to give up and admit to yourself that you amount to nothing than to keep putting in the effort you think isn't paying off. But, well, we have a song for you that just might help you raise your chin up a bit higher.

Rose Brokenshire's latest single, "Dreamer", is a dreamy track that will hold you between its arms and welcome you. We also guarantee that despite its comfy vibe, you'll actually become a bit more confident with yourself after you listen to it.

It's lo-fi, ethereal, and tingly in all the right places. The song keeps this comforting, reassuring feeling all throughout, akin to how a mother might comfort their child after coming home with a scrape on their knee. One can really feel how much Brokenshire empathizes with people going through the toughest of times, and how this artist is here, even without knowing you personally, to tell you that you are a gift to this world.

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Of course, the real star of the show would definitely be Brokenshire's vocals. They feel spaced out, surrounding you with warm love. Overall, that's what'll really get you once you listen to it. And trust us, if you're feeling really down lately, you should give this one a listen.

Stream "Dreamer" below.

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