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Crafting infectious dance rock tunes is nothing new for Mexican indie group Rey Pila. They’ve been perfecting their sound since forming in 2010. However, with last month’s “Drooling”, a single from their upcoming LP, Velox Veritas, they explore new sonic territories. Their first new music since the release of a self-produced EP last year, “Drooling” is a dazzling psychedelic display of the four-piece’s newly-evolved style.

The track has a futuristic dancehall feel. It’s layered with dynamic synth leads, some with a “droopy” modulating sound, fitting for a track called “Drooling” per se. In fact, the whole song has a very “wet” production sound, dripping in effect. The sound feels smooth and buttery, like the whole song could melt into a warm puddle at any moment. But its steady groove and dirty synth bass give it just enough rigidity to stay cool and intact.

On top of all that, this piece is just danceable as hell. Like, what can you expect from a group whose previous producers included Julian Casablancas and DFA’s Chris Coady? With a polished and futuristic sound, “Drooling” seems to hint at an exciting new stylistic chapter for the gang.

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Watch the video for “Drooling” below. Velox Veritas is out August 21.


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