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Straight from the opening bars, you can hear Radio Fluke's influences on "She Knows She's Trouble". Bassist Michael Evans opens on a sustained, distorted chord while drummer Blake Peterson incessantly announces the downbeat. By the time lead singer and guitarist Kingston Lindner enters, they've paid homage to a classic of the alt-rock world: "Seven Nation Army" by The White Stripes.

But "She Knows She's Trouble" is not mere imitation; there's a vibrant tinge to their sound all their own. Witty lyrics make you fall madly in love with this woman until you'd cheer for a chance to have your heart broken. These timeless, human psychological trips feel classic and modern.

After describing this femme fatale and all the ways she'll ruin you, Radio Fluke break into an instrumental battle, each solo in their own right in a choreographed brawl for attention. Pounding bass, frenetic drum fills, and just enough guitar distortion neatly collapse into a reprise of the opening bars.

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With chord change squeaks and fading ride crashes bleeding into the recording, it's like sneaking out while your parents sleep to fight your way to the front row, center a live concert—because everyone likes a little trouble.

Stream "She Knows She's Trouble" below.

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