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Matt Powell, the singer-songwriter behind Qwiet Type, wants you to know he’s not only into new wave and electronica. In his latest single, the Pensacola-based musician (who is also an entrepreneur) takes his solo project to a whole new ground, incorporating none of his funk and techno roots which he is best known for. Released just shortly after Powell’s first groovy dance number this year called “We Gotta Move“, “Little Ol’ Me” is arguably the most unexpected release by the virtuoso as it presents his never-before-heard side.

“Little Ol’ Me” is a pop-leaning folk piece that newcomers to Qwiet Type’s artist pages would most likely think has lost its way. Not only is the new track too easy to tell from Powell’s previous EDM-centered releases, it is also the first song that features his natural singing voice.

The lively song plays around the themes of cosmic minuteness and lack of confidence in one’s ability to create a positive impact. Powell reflects on the thought of changing the world, which he describes as “this crazy spinning ball,” but at the same time reckons that “the world is just too big” for him to “hold in his palm.”

The instrumentation is well-mixed, catchy, and easygoing, just enough to keep the focus on the message. Towards the end a jungly drumming takes over the ether and Powell begins to shift perspective. “Spin around,” he sings repeatedly, claiming that if you try to “see what’s around you… feel everything beside you… and just grab the things you value,” you’ll realize the world is in fact “not too big” after all… and “now you can change it.”

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Here’s hoping Powell creates more folk songs.

Stream the Qwiet Type’s beautiful piece below.

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