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Pushpin - Folds

"I wanna know. I wanna know. I wanna know," the chorus tolls in Pushpin's newest single, "Folds". Written back in early 2020, the South London band captures the elusiveness of self-love and affirmation in repeated self-help mantras and spikey orchestration.

It's a zeitgeist of the inner struggle brought on by 2020. The driving bass beat that opens the track, quiet lyrics laced with undirected pleading energy, and intense riffs infusing a cracked world into otherwise pristine harmonies—every promise, both lyrical and instrumental, is flipped on its head at the next musical beat.

Within the first minute, a grungy harmony strums under the syncopated, warm guitar arpeggiation. The bouncy energy promises a fun melodic turn before descending into controlled noise over the returning bass beat. When the chaotic apex appears to arrive, a sudden shift to an organ synth teetering on an unbalanced peace begging for the anthesis of resolution–more manic instrumentation. It never comes.

But the unexpected twists lift this song from a standard pessimistic post-punk piece to something uniquely Pushpin. With a dark, contemplative thread in every note, quiet moments that don't let you rest, and a catchy beat that makes you happy while you wonder if you really should be, they've folded hope and rage into undermined promises. So vicariously search for self-love with them.

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Stream "Folds" below.

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