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Since March 2020, the world has slowly come to terms with the evolving effects of the pandemic and subsequent quarantine—some consequences still percolating, others looming. The only certainty is that it isn't over yet. From that chaos, Purple Witch of Culver pulled "Seven of Wands".

With psychedelic guitars and swirling vocals, they capture the past year in an aural reflection. "Loss is a factor of every person's life; a life lived strong is celebrated," Evan Taylor gently explains over strummed chords. It's only by unapologetically stating these cultural contradictions that we can consider them.

The song's heaviness is broken by Sarah Safaie's spectral interjections, offering wispy moments of reprieve. "At the edge of the tongue, it was velvet at the edge of history," she offers. The duo is joined by the talented Tim Young (Late Late Show Band) on guitar and Jon Schwarz (Derde Verde) on bass. The four pillars supporting this song anchor the bedlam.

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With the dynamic outro, the four build to a clarion call—act! Simply sitting back and waiting won't solve anything. "Sitting down is not the answer," Taylor implores.

Stream "Settle for Skin Deep" below.

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