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The one that got away—a tried and true premise for a song. The one that got away twice—a magic place rife with teenage angst and double heartache. “GEMINI”, the latest single from pretty havoc., sets up this painful scenario with the underlying hope for a third chance.

As soon as the unrelenting lyrics spill from Tyler Thang’s heart, the energy kicks into high gear. The distance between these lovers’ different worlds is spelled out from the beginning: “You’ll be the Megan Fox to my MGK/ and you’ll be Sk8er Boi if I did ballet.”

As Molly Rose’s aggressive drums drive from section to section, the coming-of-age rush of emotions peeks out. There’s anxiety, hope, fear, and lust embedded in each beat. Even the guitar gets in on the animalistic percussion rebounding to a high note on the off beats like a cymbal. Jesus Ramos blends those raw feelings into the dynamic sound.

And while it’s universal, pretty havoc. builds the personal into each line. There’s a gentle touch of Thang’s Asian culture woven into the lyrics. “You give me nosebleeds every time you walk into the room,” smacks of the anime cliché. There’s a realism to this experience that only music can express.

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Stream “GEMINI” below.


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