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Peace-loving trio Pons just dropped a new trippy, sunburnt garage rock banger, and it's by far the closest you'll get to hearing the sound of Vermont weed since, well, "NO Squid". The latest track called "Jimmy Two-Time" is the second single off the band's upcoming alarming self-recorded debut full-length. Pons, with this midyear release, once again delivered a vicious ballad laden with jangly punk dirt that takes some time to clean up and reflect on.

Heads-up: It's dope as hell.

L-R: Jack Parker, Sebastien Carnot, Sam Cameron

"Jimmy Two-Time" opens with two bars of dry, thoughtless stomping that quickly evolves into what for a moment sounds like a playful Christmas jingle from a Tom and Jerry or a James Bond draft. An imaginary faceless mafia crony mischievously grins underneath the deliberate, melodic whistling. The poor bass is covered with mud as per usualβ€”a distinctive Pons modus without which they might as well change their name, if not dissolve.

It only takes fifteen seconds for the buildup to peak, setting the whole ethos for the psychedelic number. Sam Cameron then opens wide his mouth and begins his guilt-tripping narrative, wallowing in the fuzzing mayhem injected with some otherworldly woo-woo. The song, as described via their press release, is about "a tale of a manipulative and scheming man whose downfall is his own hubris."

"Jimmy Two-Time" is an anecdotal rant, so to speak. In Jack Parker's own words, the single tells the story of "a man who thinks he can have it all. Lust and gluttony… The fatal sins of humankind." Such a theme almost comes without surprise, having known the garage rock/post-punk ambassadors since May. "We all know someone who thinks they're the big kahuna," he adds.

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There has yet to be an explanation for the group's puzzling decision to change the track's pace halfway, though. But the furious mic drop ending sure is snappy. It's not Pons if it's nowhere near kooky, indeed.

Stream "Jimmy Two-Time" below.

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