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Personal Igloo x Skinnyandsoft - Cash My Jaw

Payday comes and you're "rich for 24," but the "rest of the week I'm poor," Personal Igloo and Skinny&soft repeat in their latest single, "Cash My Jaw". "Anything you want, you can have it/ But it comes at a price out of your budget."

The start-and-stop harmony beautifully mirrors the money in/money out mentality of the whole song. The warbly synth bouncing into each bar, punctuating the honest lyrics, brings the message into even into the spaces between the lyrics. It makes for an electric, groovy feel-good jam.

And underneath key moments, the bass dives deep into a funky line. Reflexive stank face is virtually guaranteed, especially at 0:40 as it solos under a conversation.

The lyrics bounce between literal and metaphorical gems. "My wallet needs a sedative," Personal Igloo and Skinny&soft deliver with just a hint of a smile behind the words. It's a no-regrets kind of statementβ€”you know the money's gone, but you'll do it again in a heartbeat as soon as the next check clears. Blowing your whole paycheck never sounded so danceably funky.

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Stream "Cash My Jaw" below.

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